This Introvert Is Torn Between His Girlfriend And His Dream Girl



Julian believed that people’s life is made by yesterday’s memories and tomorrow’s will.

He lived in the murky in-between; surviving in the present, but continuously seduced by the comforts of his past.


Whenever the jagged edges of reality became too harsh to face, the introvert retreated into his mind, where a familiar figure lurked.


Ocean was the burst of colour he yearned for in his monotonous life. His fantasy girl understood him in ways his real girlfriend couldn’t.

When Ocean mysteriously disappears, Julian is forced to chase after what he believes to be real.


For happiness, he finally breaks free.

Watch ‘Julian Day’ by Gianni Fajri (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

‘Julian Day’ is adapted from the fictional character found in Indonesian indie band, Elephant Kind’s debut album, City J.

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