We Don’t Get To Choose Our Dads. Julie Didn’t Dream To Have This Life.


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Day and night, that’s Julie and Julian, two sides of a single mum’s personality.

He wears a hard hat in the construction site in the daytime, but at home he works his hair in the wind as drama calls, full camp.

His sister and son who are all the family he has who accepts him for who he is. At work, he has to drop his voice to a tenor and conform to all what being a man is.

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These two worlds clash when his son brings home a guest who accuses him of being disrespectful, hurling slurs and hatred in the only place he feels safe. In the heat of the moment, his son blurts out accusations of his own.

There are two sides to a doorknob that needs to be fixed, but in this fluid household it can be flipped.

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But for Julie and Julian, the two of the same person, the door to acceptance and forgiveness opened both ways.

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