She’s Just Another Lady Of The Night. For Hire, Just Like Him.


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Cab drivers make money on the side all the time with additional services, Munna was told. He, like many others, will drive sex workers and their clients to seedy hotels in Mumbai.

Every night. It was just a job. Like him, they were for hire.

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The woman assigned to him, Maya, looked and acted just like the other ladies of the night. There were some eccentricities, unexplained, but Munna never thought much about it.

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But under the facade, the flirting, the painted faces, the realities of Munna’s job soon comes to light.

It wasn’t his proudest moment. For Hire ss8 krk.jpg

He walked away, looked away. He still had a choice; Munna didn’t.

He couldn’t save her. But he returned her a bit of her dignity, and regained some of his.

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‘For Hire’ won Best Film at the Bangalore International Short Film Festival in Bangalore and Special Jury Mention at the Third Eye Asian Film Festival in Mumbai.

More about the production here.

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