Just Because He’s The Villain Doesn’t Mean He Deserved To Die


The Other Side sw ss1 krk

Keith killed many men trying to save his fiancé, Judy. He had to. He had no choice. They kidnapped her, and they were going to kill her.

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Except they weren’t going to kill her. The man he stabbed near the elevator? His name is Hank. He was going to let Judy go. When he said nobody is going to get hurt, he meant it. He had a plan.

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If only Keith had listened to him, to the other side of the story. No one needed to get hurt. No one needed to die. Hank didn’t have to leave his pregnant wife behind.

And yet, so many lives were ruined that day, all because one man decided to be a hero.

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‘The Other Side’ premiered at CAAM Film Festival and Short Shorts. It has also screened at Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theater.

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