He Saw How His Friend Longed For The Sea, So He Helped It Go Home


Way Back To The Sea Kaori Iwase SS1

A boathouse, beached by the river, is visited by a kid who leads an amused, carefree life. The blazing summer touches this boathouse very lightly, as it remains shaded under a bridge.

It’s stuck in a forgotten time. And stuck in it is an elderly man, shaped like a catfish. He has a small catfish pet. They are both Big Catfish and Small Catfish.

Way Back To The Sea Kaori Iwase SS2

One day, the kid is gifted an old camera. He also inherits the memories, and their longing for the sea, the beach, and the ocean.

It’s not a long way home for Big Catfish and Small Catfish. The sea is only a skip and a hop away.

Way Back To The Sea Kaori Iwase SS3

Just as their memories and longing for home start to fade away, he sends them home.

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‘Way Back To The Sea’ was the top regional Digicon6 JAPAN winner.

Kaori made the film as a tribute to her grandfather: he gave her an old camera, but she refused it accept it as a parting, final gift from him. It turns out she was mistaken. Her grandfather simply wanted to buy a newer camera!

Kaori shares that the silhouette of Big Catfish is true to her grandfather’s frame. Her grandfather is well and alive today, at the age of 90.

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