Kids Are Terrifying. “King Kid” & His Stooge Weren’t Joking.


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He was once a respectable man. They made him go down on his knees.

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The Kids ss4 krk

Walking away from a successful lunch date with his future-in-laws, this guy runs into a swarm of kids. He’s genial, but it all changes when they get rowdy.

While trying to escape he stumbles into the lair of a “King Kid” with a stooge, who egg him to get on his knees and bark like a dog.

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The Kids ss3 krk

They give him a challenge: walk through a group of napping kids without waking them up. Things get very strange, and our gut feel is that he did the right thing.

If you’re dating seriously and are thinking about kids, you need to watch this.

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Directed by Matt and Oz. More of their work here.

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