If You Grew Up with An Older Sibling, This is Going to Bring Back Memories.


Broken SS1 F1

One of these boys will grow up to be an excellent politician.

It’s playtime, and grandpa’s out. They broke a vase. Dread fills the air, hanging over them like a cloud.

No one wants to take the blame.

Broken SS2

The elder brother tries to coax, bribe, cheat, bully and persuade the younger one into confession.

The premise is simple, but it’s a very tense and gripping story played out against the steady drone of rain and an overwhelming sense of doom.

Will grandpa finally know the truth?

Watch ‘Broken’ (是誰打破了) by Ronnie Chow Chun-pong (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

‘Broken’ won Best Cinematography at Fresh Wave Hong Kong under the Local Competition Section Film Showcase category.

Watch another short film with a comedic standoff and negotiation, ‘Skateboard Old Guy’ by Kenichi Arai (Japan).

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