Loyal Nephew Tries To Save His Uncle From Unkind Gossip


Uncle & Son SS3 KRK

Abandoned by his parents, Hung came under the care of his Uncle Ba, the village tailor.

Their lives were simple and peaceful, but the constant gossip about Ba was the topic of the village. Ba was mocked and belittled openly for being different.

Uncle & Son SS2 KRK

In his naivety, Hung blamed himself for his uncle’s unhappiness. He hatched a plan to right everything.

He had Ba’s best interests at heart, yet his decision only led them to tragedy.

Watch ‘Uncle & Son’ by Nguyen Dinh Anh (Vietnam) on Viddsee:

‘Uncle & Son’ is an adaptation of a short story by the Vietnamese author Huuthang.

This short film was selected to compete at the Yxine Film Fest. It screened at many film festivals including Outfest, Frameline, and Image+Nation Film Festival.

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