This Talented Chef Could Make A Meal Out Of Any Type Of Meat


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An old lady has come to see the police chief. Her son has been missing for three days without word. The chief starts his investigation at the usual place – the missing man’s house.

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No one is at home, but the neighbour is a chatty one. He tells the chief all about the missing man’s wife, particularly her exceptional culinary skills.

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The chief comes back to see her, and finds her well-prepared. She serves him a multi-course meal, perhaps the best he’s ever had.

The woman has a passion for cooking, that’s for sure.

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She tells him all about the last time she saw her husband. It put him off his pie.

Watch ‘Missing’ by Pinkan Veronique (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

‘Missing’ was a Finalist in the Screen 2012 competition.

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