What Kind Of “Thank You” Makes You The Happiest?


Thank You Name SS1

We encounter these people every day.

The bus driver who takes us to work. The cashier at the grocery store we frequent. The carpark attendant we see every day. The security guard of our office building.

Thank You Name SS2

In countless ways, they make our lives easier. Sometimes, they go out of the way to make our day. They almost feel like friends, not strangers.

We even have fond nicknames for them like “bro”, “sis” and “boss.” Although we express our gratitude to them, how many of them do we know by name?

Thank You Name SS3

This heartwarming video by Coca-Cola is a tribute to all these everyday people in our lives.

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Go on, find out their names. And then thank them.

Watch another film on kindness and gratitude, ‘Sakura Toilet’ by Kentaro Akahane, about seven strangers who become friends through a graffiti bathroom wall

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