Letting Go Is Tough. Why Would This Woman Do It Over & Over Again?


Kingyo by Edmund Yeo Still 1

Memories and emotions are rekindled when two former lovers meet in Akihabara.

There are four farewells in this story. Each emotional release is bittersweet, honest and poignant.

This professor had a thing with his student, whom he now meets dressed as a novelty tour-guide.

Kingyo by Edmund Yeo Still 7

They have few words about what they shared, and their stillness belies the profound strength it took to let go.

Watch ‘Kingyo’ by Edmund Yeo (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

‘Kingyo’ (‘goldfish’ in Japanese) is a loose adaptation of a short story by Nobel Laureate Yasunari Kawabata.

It is Edmund’s first Japanese-language film, created in Tokyo when studying at Waseda University.

The short film has won awards in Japan, Greece, and Thailand, and was in competition at the Venice Film Fest!

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