Sometimes A Knight In Shining Armour Has Shadier Motives To Save The Day


Metamorphoses sw ss2 krk

A struggling comic book artist finds himself targeted by a gang of bullies during a walk in the park. They chase him all the way to an abandoned warehouse, tormenting him all the way.

Metamorphoses sw ss3 krk

A patrolling security guard arrives to check on the commotion, and the bullies order him to turn a blind eye. But even though the bullies outnumbered him by five to one, the security guard stands his ground and takes them on.

Metamorphoses sw ss4 krk

Things heat up when the security guards turns out to be more skilled at fighting than any of them thought possible. Perhaps way too skilled…

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‘Metamorphoses’ won Best Director at Seoul World Short Film Festival. It was also an official selection at Busan International Short Film Festival, Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival, Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival, and more.

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