He Was Cyber-Bullied On Facebook By His Student. For Being Gay.


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The three friends have each had a horrid day at work. They’ve been insulted, humiliated and discriminated against.

Anggun was asked to vacate her house because of her profession as an escort. Incidentally, her landlord who gave her a week’s notice, has no qualms about availing of her ‘services’. Anggun tries to find a job at a hair salon, but in spite of her qualifications and experience, she’s judged by her appearance.

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Meanwhile, Timo, refuses to follow the script’s demeaning portrayal of a transsexual person at work. His director serves him the choicest of abuses.

Fauzan has publicly ranted about Lukas on Facebook, calling him unsavoury names.

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Just being yourself can be so hard sometimes. Why are people still judged by their sexuality and not by their achievements?

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‘Episode 6: We Bitches Don’t Complain’ is the sixth of a nine-part web series about two gay men in Jakarta. Watch the web-series in full here.

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