He Thinks His New Superpowers Are Awesome. She’s Tired Of Hers.


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Nick has strange visions — he sees numbers floating above the heads of everyone around him.

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He doesn’t know what it all means until he meets Mia, someone who has the same superpower.

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But as midnight approaches, Nick’s easygoing personality takes a drastic drive as the true meaning of his visions is revealed.

He takes a shot at fate, destiny, and with Mia.

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‘Numbers’ premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and has travelled widely: Show Me Shorts Film Festival, Adobe Design Achievement Awards, Czech Academy Award, San Jose Short Film Festival, Fresh Film Fest, Gijon International Film Festival and the Badalona International Film Festival.

Its list of awards are outstanding: Best Picture at the Visegrad Shorts on Tour in Hungary, Best Picture & Best Screenplay at Klapka film festival in Czechoslovakia, and the Jury’s Special Mention at Filmfest Dresden in Germany.

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