She Made Girls Envious And Drove Boys Crazy. Now She Has A Real Friend.


On-Duty-With-SS1-Rwrte KRK

You can fake anything except for friendship, acceptance.

A passive and shy guy gets noticed by the most popular girl in school. They’re social outcasts of two extremes – one very popular, one extremely unpopular.

She’s influential, controversial, has ambitions outside the schoolyard, and is uniformly hated and admired by schoolmates of both genders.

Her advice? Fake it until you make it.

He is smitten, but they have a falling out.

But when conflict erupts in the schoolyard, they find their way back to each other.

Here’s their bittersweet journey of self-discovery and puppy love.

Watch ‘On Duty With Shu Qi’ by Do Quoc Trung (Vietnam) on Viddsee:

Do Quoc Trung’s film won the Yxine Film Festival Audience Award. He is touted as a rising young filmmaker to watch in Vietnam. He was a scholar at several film talent campuses in Vietnam, Korea, Japan and in the Philippines.

Watch another unlikely duo who pair up in self-discovery, ‘Masala Mama’ by Michael Kam (Singapore), about a kid and his fully-grown side-kick in a spandex superhero world

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