He Fell In Love. This Serial Liar Finally Comes Clean About Who He Is.


Lie Narongchai ss1 krk

On the Internet, he’s a super cool college kid with great hair, flawless skin, a super-achiever.

In real life, he’s a pudgy middle-aged man who spends way too much time in an Internet cafe.

Lie Narongchai ss2 krk

She’s gorgeous, real, and really won’t appreciate being lied to.

He finally finds someone he thinks is worth being honest with, and honestly speaking, he was in love.

Lie Narongchai ss3 krk

He hopes she can accept him for who he is, and owns up to it.

Can he trust that she will show up?

Will she accept being betrayed?

Watch ‘Lie’ by Narongchai Parthumsuwan (Thailand) on Viddsee:

‘Lie’ won awards in 2013 for screenwriting and a special jury prize at the Thai-based 9FilmFest. It was also screened at the Asiaticafilmmediale in Rome, Italy

The 9FilmFest is a competition for films under 9-minutes with unique signature items for the year’s edition. The theme for 2013 was ‘waterway’! It is now in its fourth year.

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