This 78 Yr Old Is Living The Life At A Retirement Home, Has A Hot Tub Date


Hello Goodbye SS1

Women on tanning beds?

This isn’t a scene from a leisurely resort. It’s from a retirement centre that this 78 year old just checked himself into.

He’s recently widowed and needs care after a stroke, but he feels more comfortable being away from his family.

Hello Goodbye SS6

It’s not all that bad. Instead of cooking for one, or waiting for his grandkid to visit, he’s got some really sprightly, spirited, and sometimes boisterous company.

He also found female company.

Hello Goodbye SS5

This slice of life into the golden age of ageing isn’t one we see often: independent lives, new friendships, a blossoming love life, fun, playfulness and cheekiness.

Can love rejuvenated the life of a 78 year old? Was it too good to be true?

Watch ‘Hello, Goodbye’ by Tan Seng Kiat (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

Tan Seng Kiat’s film was produced with a production grant of MYR75,000 (USD23,000) from BMW Group Malaysia, after winning last year’s BMW Shorties short film competition for his winning entry ‘32C Fall In Love.’

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