This Is What It’s Like To Be Struck By Lightning And Survive



In 2006, Carolyn Lim’s life changed when lightning struck her.

The athletic woman became bed-bound, facing life in a wheelchair.


Her then boyfriend, William Ng, became her caregiver. Stripped from all independence, Carolyn relied on him for essential human acts like showering and eating.

It was a time she described as feeling “trapped in a foreign body”.


At her lowest point, she pushed William away, feeling depressed about being a burden.

But he had undying faith in her recovery. And his conviction became her fuel and strength to stay positive and not give up.


Watch how Carolyn rebuild life in the face of despair and found true love in the process.

Watch ‘Confessions Ep 3 – Struck By Lightning’ by Eileen Chong (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Struck By Lightning’ is the third episode of Confessions, a social documentary series, featuring the secret voices of Singaporeans who go through extraordinary circumstances.

Confessions is part of the Viddsee Voices project to develop original films that explore with local content creators issues commonly overlooked in our society.

Watch Episode 2, A Change Of Heart, to learn what it’s like to receive a donated heart and bring it back home.


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