A grisly short film on a very real issue – baby dumping


‘Baby dumping’ from unwanted pregnancies was called an ‘epidemic’ by local and international press in Malaysia. Here’s a film that can be a conversational starter to the issue, if albeit grisly.

This video contains graphic depictions of blood and gore. Viewer discretion advised.

Watch ‘Like Toy Dolls’ by Yihwen Chen

Like Toy Dolls is a lament of the unwanted. As the new age population equip themselves with green technology and groundbreaking techniques for an improved quality of life, there are those who lay buried in the ground, hidden among the trash or covered up in ashes. And sadly, they will remain there to be consumed by the harsh claws of time, never to be found. Through the grime and slime we capture their few moments of grief, which almost always go unnoticed.

This short film won the Grand Prize at BMW Shorties 2010. It was also selected and screened in film festivals in Singapore, Malaysia, in the US, and at the short film corner competition that runs parallel with the Cannes festival.

(Read: About Malaysia’s local solutions to baby dumping (the ‘baby hatch’) and related statistics)

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