A Little Boy Takes Up A Big Responsibility: To Be His Best Friend’s Teacher


Pomegranate SS3 KRK

Good things are meant to be shared.

This kid knows how privileged he was, and so he shared that with his best friend.

Pomegranate SS1 KRK

Omid and Shadi are the only two children in their village, but only Omid gets to go to school.

Omid finds ways to become her teacher and secretly teaches her whatever he learns at school.

Their escapades are filled with fun, laughter and knowledge.

Pomegranate SS2 KRK

Her mum is a traditional-minded woman. She realises their secret, and grounds her for good.

Omid finds a way to get around her, with the help of some friends!

Watch ‘Pomegranate Is The Fruit of Paradise’ by Teymour Ghaderi (Iran) on Viddsee:

This sweet tale about friendship has screened and won awards at film festivals in Turkey, London, Korea and in Canada.

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