Would You Forgive Someone Who Stole From You?


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Everyone gets a chance to be selfless. Not everyone takes it.

Cahaya is a 10-year-old trash-picker with a big dream: to own a bicycle! She spends a lot of her time marveling at bicycles in a shop until the shop owner shoos her off.

But one day, she makes an amazing discovery.

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Hidden in the piles of trash is an old bicycle, which is just right for her. She decorates it with strips of newspaper, UNO cards, old plastic bottles and even toilet paper.

It’s unfortunately stolen by the neighbourhood bully, Hassan.

Determined to get her bicycle back at any cost, Cahaya goes to his house to confront him and his mother.

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There, she discovers a little secret about his life. She finds her bicycle, but makes a decision to be selfless.

Here’s what she did.

Watch ‘Cahaya’ by Jean Lee (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

Cahaya has featured in and won awards at numerous film festivals, such as Berlinale International Film Festival, Seoul International Women’s Film Festival, Interfilm Berlin, DC Shorts and Kyoto International Children’s Film Festival.

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