A Local Hero Wanted To Empower His Village. He Had Unexpected Help.



In the double episode finale of the Sparks mini-series, our team of young bankers find themselves in India where they meet a god. Specifically, the god of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar.


Sachin had a dream of installing night lights in the sports fields of local villages to give young children the opportunity to play sports after school.


Team DBS came up with a plan of installing solar panels to generate the electricity, but they needed funding, land, and the very stubborn community’s cooperation to make the project work.


There were roadblocks ahead, especially with the team distracted by a love triangle between Hendra, Jasper and Claire.


But with hopes in their heart, a supportive network and a passionate team, here’s how they banded together to bring Sachin’s dream to life and light up a community.

Watch ‘SPARKS – Ep 9’ (A Mini-series from DBS) by David Tsui on Viddsee:

Watch ‘SPARKS – Ep 10’ (A Mini-series from DBS) by David Tsui on Viddsee:

‘SPARKS’ is a mini-series by DBS Bank and this episode was inspired by a real life incident in the bank. This is the finale in the mini-series. Rewatch the series here and commit to #RecyclemoreWasteless and you stand to win a 3D2N stay getaway at eco-friendly Siloso Beach Resort.

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