Is This Lonely Taxi Driver Available?



Uncle is hours away from retiring as a taxi driver, but his last shift becomes a trial of endurance when his relief driver unexpectedly passes away. After so many hours awake, delusions are crossing into his consciousness, bringing emotions to the surface.

Being a taxi driver is lonely work — 30 years on the road, meeting strangers every day. This is not a career that brings meaningful bonds, but the interactions can still be memorable.


It’s not often Uncle meets a passenger who understands his loneliness. A kindred spirit who sees the emptiness they share. A late night taxi ride becomes an invitation to something more.


A passenger with a late night emergency and no one else to turn to for help confides in Uncle.


In the spur of a moment, Uncle finds himself with a younger ward. This decision will change his life. But for now, Uncle must continue to drive.

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