A Family Visit To Grandfather’s Grave Shouldn’t Be This Disastrous!


ChingMing SS1

A brawl happens, an emergency is staged, a tail light gets busted and a couple of bruises sustained.

An impatient grandmother, her short-tempered son, and his insolent son make their way to the cemetery on a special day of ancestral worship, Ching Ming.

The only person who’s really looking forward to it is the grandmother. The son is bound by duty, the grandson is merely a reluctant passenger.

Chingming SS2

As in most family road trips, they’re late. There are stilted conversations, negotiations on music, and the inevitable stop for junk food. Then the inevitable disaster happened.

Family road trips like these are quite true to life, as are the dynamics of the inter-generational values and priorities.

At least they could still laugh about it!

Watch ‘Chingming’ 《清明》 by Lin Tse Yu (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

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