A Little Girl’s Last Ride With Her Mum, A Prayer For Her Journey Home


Fatiha SS2 KRK

Love and life started with a prayer for this family.

It’s a silent drive home. Mum’s not well. Dad’s demeanour is staid, sad, and reflective.

Fatiha’s dad has summoned her from kindergarten to join her mum in a long drive home to the village.

Fatiha SS1 KRK

As she recounts her day to her dad, he lapses into memories spent with his wife: How they started their family, their hopes and dreams, and the birth of their daughter Fatiha, who’s named after a prayer.

The landscape changes rapidly as they drive towards the village, and so, slowly so does another prayer for a life and memory well lived.

Watch ‘Fatiha’ by Margaret Bong (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

‘Fatiha’ has screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Hangzhou Asia Film Festival and the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival.

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