Detox, Diet Pills? Here’s The Secret To Loving All Your Lady Lumps!


Lose It SS_01

Her face wasn’t firm enough. Arms not toned enough. Breasts not perky enough. So much about her just wasn’t enough, according to media. It’s a daily struggle.

Lose It SS_06

An advertisement on TV comes on for a pill, promising all the change she wished she saw in the mirror. Just one bottle was enough. And she’s sold.

Lose It SS_04

Lose It SS_05

It’s an easy shortcut, but with a difficult price to pay. For as she discovers, in the process of losing weight, she just might lose her mind and self-identity too.

Women everywhere, this one’s for you.

Watch ‘Lose It’ by Fanny Bratahalim, Beverly Ann Koh & Roopsha Mandal (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Lose It’ is one of the short animation films in our DigiCon6 Asia channel!

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