A Lost Man Found “God” In The Outback. Now He’s Telling The World!



After backpacking together for the past three months, Moylan and Stella’s relationship were starting to unravel.

With very little in common, it was a surprise that the globe-trotting Parisian and bumbling Irishman had made it as far to the Australian Outback, where they were currently quarrelling over their next adventure.


In the heat of the moment, they lost attention on the road and collided with a man.

It was a miracle that the stranger, an Aboriginal man, was completely unaffected by the collision.


It was clear this was no ordinary man. Moylan believed the stranger to be a Cleverman, a mythical figure in Aboriginal culture thought to possess great wisdom.


He abandoned Stella and followed the Messiah into the wild, convinced this was his destiny.

Across scorching road and desert, they walked. Although the language was a barrier, Moylan saw in His grand vision and trusted it.



Finally, on the open road, the truth became clear to see.

It was definitely more mind-boggling than Moylan ever expected!


Watch ‘Messiah’ by Damian Walshe-Howling (Australia/United States) on Viddsee:

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