A Man With An Allergy And The World’s Allergy To Him



Born with a strange affliction, Lothar is forced to live alone in an underground bunker. He does it to protect the world and those around him, for whenever he sneezes, nearby objects will explode.


Living with kid gloves, there’s only one thing Lothar holds sacred to him. And it’s on this unfortunate day, he breaks his beloved toaster from his mother.


It’s cause enough to venture outside as he seeked out the manufacturer’s address to claim the lifetime warranty. With protective gear in place, of course.


It’s a small step for Lothar, but with giant repercussion for mankind.

Watch ‘Lothar’ by Luca Zuberbühler (Switzerland) on Viddsee:

‘Lothar’ has travelled extensively in over 150 international film festivals, picking up 25 awards along the way that includes Best Director at the Upcoming Film Makers section of the 2015 Schweizer Jungfilmfestival, Jury Prize at the 2014 European Short Film Festival in Boston and Best Student Director at the 2014 Sapparo International Short Film Festival.

The film is part of our Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) channel. View more here.

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