She Sold Her Flesh For Love, But Love Scorned Her


Her Smile ss3 krk

Sumi sells her flesh for a living, waiting on clients, waiting for an opportunity to love.

She’s hoping for the best, hoping that for once, she doesn’t have to be left behind.

And so when her Prince arrives, she gives him everything she has. Like she does, all the time.

Her Smile ss1 krk

Her Smile ss5 krk

Love didn’t forget her. It scorned her.

She’s spinning in a harsh, garish world. She’ll pounce at the slightest sliver of love, or even chase the shadow of love.

Like she does, all the time.

Watch ‘Her Smile’ by Minji Kang (US) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: For mature audiences only

Minji won Best Director at the Santa Monica International Film Festival, Best International Drama at the Las Vegas International Film Festival, and Best Foreign FIlm Award at the San Fernando Valley International Film Festival.

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