Love, Sexuality & Friendship In The Army From A Young Gay Man’s POV


Purple Light Rwrte SS6

A resentful young man finds out that there’s more to himself than just his sexuality.

By a twist of fate, he falls in love with his army buddy and causes their entire division to face a possible humiliation.

PL Cast Rewrte SS1

This is coming-of-age-story set in the regimented National Service in Singapore, where self acceptance trumps courage, bravery, valor, and the bravado and pride of youth.

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The filmmakers Cecilia Ang, Javior Chew and Charlene Yiu made ‘Purple Light’ based on true accounts from their friends.

They hope that this film can empower individuals in their personal journeys in self-acceptance. “There is more to you than just your sexuality,” she says.

Maxi Lim, Noah Yap & Fish Chaar of ‘Ah Boys to Men’ are featured in in supporting roles.

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