The Best Romantic Movies Of All Times Couldn’t Teach Him About Love



Life might be a stage, but love is nothing like the movies.

The short film follows the life of Yazid, whose behaviour and personality are influenced by the films he watches. He cannot tell apart reel life and real life.


He lapses into fantasy from the best Asian romantic movie cliches of all times. Think Winter Sonata meets Bollywood meets Malay telemovie meets the seduction of French films!

But reality bites when he finds himself falling for a girl, Amy.


How will he handle the reality that love doesn’t come with cuddling, soft focus, fairy dust, and endless sunset walks?

Watch ‘Love In Any Genre’ by Suffian Zain (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Suffian Zain, the brainchild behind this brilliant mashup ‘Love In Any Genre,’ says in this interview that the greatest challenge was to create the fake yet believable accents!

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