Love Knocked On His Wall, A Mysterious Neighbour And Her Siren Call



Ever since his ex-girlfriend left him, he’s been listless, drifting through life in a rote, mundane cycle.

His job as an insurance salesman was uninspiring. Each door he knocked on a dead end, and each day a melancholic daze.


Everything changed when he received a knock on his door.

His new neighbour with the sweet smile ignited something within.

She was a mystery he wanted to explore, especially after he started hearing soft knocks on the wall adjoining their apartments.



Over light taps, a cautious flirtation unfurled.

But the arrival of his ex-girlfriend back in his life throws a wrench in this budding romance.


It was a blow to their relationship, in more ways than one.


Watch ‘Knocking’ by Woogun Park (South Korea) on Viddsee:

‘Knocking’ was screened at the 2014 Bangkok International Student Film Festival and the 2014 DMC Film Festival.

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