If This Was Love, She Needed To Know If It Was Real


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Happiness was at Sam’s fingertips, and happiness was fleeting.

Jake was the new man in Sam’s life, and he was nothing like her ex-boyfriend, Vincent. She didn’t have to beg for happiness; she was happy. She was in control this time, and she knew that Jake was different.

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It was easy to fall in love with him, but Sam kept her boundaries clear. She didn’t want anything too soon, too fast. She was determined not to make the same mistakes again.

But she got stuck. She wouldn’t let Jake into her personal life. Fractured memories of that toxic relationship intruded her daily life, without warning. She couldn’t get past it. The trauma was still very raw.

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She spoke to a therapist about it, which made her realise that happiness doesn’t always have to be fleeting. She would take a chance with Jake for forever, and it won’t be by accident.

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They were soulmates, and this was a dream she never wanted to wake up from.

‘Mulat’ is Diane’s debut feature film, and stars Jake Cuenca as “Jake”, Loren Burgos as “Sam”, and Ryan Eigenmann as “Vincent”, with Madeleine Nicolas (Madlen Nicolas), Issa Litton, Rolando T. Inocencio, Candy Pangilinan, Jen Rosales, and Logan Goodchild.

‘Mulat’ screens in cinemas in the Philippines on 2 November, together with Diane’s award-winning psych-thriller short film ‘TheRapist’.

Check out Mulat Film’s website for more information, or view more of Diane’s work here.

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