This Love Triangle Has A Fourth-Party & An Upstaged Wedding Party


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Meli found a love letter that wasn’t meant for her, written by her fiancé Georges, and confides in her old friend Es.

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Es confronts Georges, and they challenge each other to a duel.

And so began the openings of a sordid love triangle, which reveals a subsequent fourth-party, and an upstaged wedding party.

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There’s love waiting in the wings, there’s love in a tango and jostle, there’s love that makes you quake and quiver, and there’s love that wails like a violin’s earnest strain.

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And although sometimes spurned and sometimes forsaken through interludes, these souls eventually find their way to each other, on a trip journey to the moon.

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Watch ‘A Trip To The Moon’ by Hae Hwan (Korea) on Viddsee:

“This movie was started with the novelty, wonderness and the fancifulness inspired by “A Trip To The Moon” by the French illusionist and film director Georges Méliès,” says Hae Hwan.

“My short film has a totally different story with the movie by Georges Melies with dance and music. It’s a musical which expresses pleasantly and contains some expressional methods of movies. It’s also a homage to Georges Melies.”

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