Long Distance Was Like Purgatory… Dreams On Hold, Always Waiting.


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She’s in Taiwan, he’s in Japan. One hour apart, one Valentine’s short.

For three years, they tried to make it work.

Then he went to Japan and waited for her. Their lives went on as usual, but they both had specific goals to make it work. He’s to get a job interview, she needs to get her visa application going.

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Without each other’s company, Taka and Lynn filled their lives with small distractions, but still taking pains to make the little things count — small presents, phone calls, memories of each other — those things kept them together.

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They still longed and loved each other, but change was in the air.

Watch ‘Valentine’s Distance’ by Rex Takeshi Chen (Taiwan / Japan) on Viddsee:

This is the kind of open love letter we hope for all our exs — “I wish you the best.”

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