A Soldier Hunts The Bully Who Caused His Younger Brother’s Death


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He was not around enough for Jae-Hoon. Now that Jae-Hoon’s dead, all he has is a funeral to attend, visitors to accept, and apologies from the school.

And, eavesdropping in the toilet, he learns that his brother was bullied to his death. He got a name, a knife, and trekked to the bully’s home.

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An Unfortunate Vacation ss1 krk.jpg

He’s an army man; he knows how to execute a kill. But a case of mistaken identity changes everything. His bully’s mother thinks she knows him.

It’s a tragedy, but also a tale of love and redemption. We’re sobbed salty tears into his bloated ramen noodles like he did.

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He did right by Jae-Hoon, in his name.

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‘An Unexpected Vacation’ won the Artistic Experiment Award at the Seoul International Youth Film Festival, Grand Prize in Apple Cinema at the Independent Short Film Festival, a Special Mention by the Jury at the Daejeon Independent Film Festival, and a Special Prize awarded by the Chungmuro Short Film Festival.

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