A Loving Portrait Of A Teacher Who Gave Her All, From Her Heart


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For decades, MR Rujisamorn Sukhsvasti showered her attention on her students at Wannawit School on Sukhumvit Soi 8 in Thailand. She was firm disciplinarian with a gentle touch and an educator who believed in nurturing children, their hearts and souls.

This short film is based on her and based on true stories and accounts from her students.

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She celebrated their little victories, and held them when they cried.

She was on their side, all her life, through all the decades, for thousands of children.

Her kindness, above all, was what they remembered: tutoring a schoolgirl privately as she went through a tough time, purchasing uniforms for children who lost their homes in a fire, and giving out brand new socks to underprivileged children, and refusing a property developer’s cheque to buy the school land.

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Decades on, now bedridden, her students returned to pay tribute to her.

They were the living legacies of her work, because it wasn’t just an occupation. It was her life’s work.

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