What Makes You A Bestseller On A Dating Platform? The Right Profile Picture.


Conq Ep 2 ss6 krk
Discrimination is rampant, especially on dating platforms like Grindr.

If you don’t have an ideal body, you’re out. Your profile picture needs to be perfect. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be yours.

Timo thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to use a fake profile picture to trick people into a first date. It’s all about making them turn up, he believes.

Conq Ep 2 ss2 krk

And it works for him.

Lukas, on the other hand, believes otherwise.

The truth is, he knows he doesn’t have the body for that perfect profile picture.


Conq Ep 2 ss1 krk

But he didn’t sign up on Grindr for meaningless hookups. He signed up to find someone he could connect with on an intellectual level first.

He believes that a sincere profile picture and a smart description will get him the love of his life.

Is he right? Could there be another guy out there who thinks just like him?

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‘Episode 2: The Perfect Profile’ is the second of a nine-part web series about two gay men in Jakarta. Join them in Episode 3 as Lukas hits off with a Grindr match, or watch the web-series in full here.

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