He Worked At The Crematorium. One Day, A Dead Body Changed His Life.


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Working in a crematorium can’t be easy. And that’s why Jake used humour to distance himself from the multitude of dead bodies he encountered on a daily basis. He and his coworker joked about the dead, making up stories about who they could have been.

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But one day, things changed. A dead body had come in, and Jake forgot all his jokes. It was a familiar face, the face of his art professor, the only person who had meant something to Jake.

While delivering the ashes to the professor’s home, Jake found himself in familiar territory. Canvases, palettes, easels, paints, brushes — everything he had left behind in a past that he had buried away.

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And just like that, something in him woke up.

Even in death, his teacher had inspired him.

Like a phoenix, he had risen, but from his teacher’s ashes.

It was time.

To fill his life with purpose.

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‘Waking Up’ won three awards from Asian on Film, the Best Short, Best Actor, Best Director awards. It was also honoured at the Hatch Film Festival for winning the top prize in the Ground Breaker category, Best Short at the TSS Short Film Festival, Best Short Film at the Japan Film Festival Los Angeles, and Best Cinematography at the WCA Film Festival.

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