This Maid Spent Six Christmasses Away From Home. This Is Her Story.


Kasambahay_SS1 KRK

Meet Genelyn Beating, 39, a domestic maid who came to gave up her time with her family to work in Singapore.

She’s lived with the same employers for the past six years, and is well taken care for. She has no complains.

But that’s six Christmasses without her family and friends. Beneath the cheery exterior she longs and pines for her family back home in the Philippines.

Kasambahay_SS2 KRK

The perception host countries and families have of foreign workers, however, is quite unfair. She speaks about them here in this documentary, and shares this very personal story about her sacrifice.

Watch ‘Kasambahay’ by Ted Patrick Boglosa on Viddsee:

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