What Makes The World Go Round? Politics? Or Money?


The Troubled House SS1 KRK

A politician gets greedy and compromises. Everything goes up in flames.

Yatna, a happily married village head with a son, finds himself campaigning and winning the elections with promises of a better life for his people.

The Troubled House SS2 KRK

But there’s more than meets the eye: there’s a plot of land that is ripe for opportunity… economic opportunity, that is. The only thing standing between him and that development is a house that hasn’t been bought over.

The house belongs to Ella, a widow Yatna knows very intimately. He tries to reason with her, but there was no reason to be made with a man who would not stand by his word.

The Troubled House SS3 KRK

He lets The Man talk him into the plan. But the plans backfires.

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