This Asian Father Would Do Anything To Make His Son Straight


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This traditional Chinese dad tried to cure his gay son’s homosexuality after walking in to a shocking scene: his son’s boyfriend was having a go at him.

Helpless in a hospital bed awaiting his kidney transplant, he could only watch on as father and lover wrestling over a dildo, a short song and dance, and an argument over his dad’s choice of ‘re-education’ of porn.

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All hell had broke loose. But their drama triggers a sudden attack of zombies, which is where this comedic short film hits his fever pitch of insanity.

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Enjoy this gay martial arts zombie musical mashup!

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Alex’s film has screened at LGBT film festivals in the US, India, Australia and in Hong Kong.

Just one more! Watch this Filipino comedy Ina-Tay, about a gay beautician who finds out he fathered a son.

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