[In Malaysian Cinemas]: groom-to-be gets cold feet. Five directors tell his story


“Cuak” is a film about a man getting married and the events leading up to the big day. The protagonist Adam tries to get past this doubt and fear and his friends’ damning opinions of marriage, intimidating in-laws, unresolved feelings for his ex and his big brother’s suspicions of his fiancée’s intentions.

It launched in Malaysian cinemas on Valentine’s Day!

Trailer: “Cuak” by Garang Indie

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This is a collaborative effort by five young Malaysian directors — Khairil M Bahar, Lim Benji, Manesh Nesaratnam, Tony Pietra and Shamaine Othman.

The Story Behind “Cuak” by Garang Indie

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Check out what producer Michael Chan and creative director Khairil M Bahar said about the process; read Sharmaine and Tony’s thoughts on filmmaking and the project, and a media preview of this romcom.

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