This Man Gave Comfort To The Elderly In Their Final Hours


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Many elderly who live a solitary life wait on the certainty of death, alone.

Aunty Fong, an elderly woman, is one of them. She is invisible to society as an informal recycling sector collector, and her life goes by unnoticed as she lives alone with no next of kin.

She is invisible to everyone, except for Tommy.

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Tommy drops by her home and supplies her with food as he can so that she doesn’t have to eat from scraps.

He offers a smile, his presence, and asks about her health.

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Aunty Fong is one of the many whom he cared for.

For as death looms over these elderly members of society, their final days on earth is less lonely, even in their final send-off to the afterlife.

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He lived a simple life, often unable to pay the bills on time, but his life was so much richer.

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He gave them comfort in their final days.

And they, too, returned him the favour.

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For not being invisible.
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Tommy Yu undertakes and pays for the funerals of some 30 seniors each year who die alone and have no next of kin. This story is dedicated to the movement set up by Tommy in 1986, the Love and Unity Volunteers Establishment, an organisation to care for the elderly in Bukit Merah.

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