A Man Offers To Share His Food. Would His Religion Make You Refuse?


Human SS1

We grow up learning that the world is a harsh and cruel place, and we are trained to be always on our guard. Paranoia, we are taught, isn’t always a bad thing.

Human SS2

This man finds himself stranded at a railway station just as a Muslim-looking man joins him on an empty bench. Over the phone, his friend warns him to be careful of the Muslim man and to not interact with him.

But forced to share a bench together, the Muslim man then offers him water and food, which he politely declines at first.

Upon the man’s insistence, he accepts them reluctantly.

Human SS3

It appears that he has dozed off and woke up feeling groggy.

At once, many questions may spring to the mind. Is his bag still there? Is the man gone? Was the food or the water spiked?

Watch ‘Humans’ by Weaver Films (India):

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Backgrounder: While the majority of India identifies with Hinduism, India has a very diverse population of different faiths, Islam included. We won’t gloss over the historical or social context, but a reading of this Wikipedia page might help.

Weaver Films produced this short film in conjunction with India’s 68th Independence Day.

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