A Man Of Questionable Morals Offers Help To A Girl In Distress


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Things weren’t looking up for Ryan. She left her bag in the train by mistake, she had a bad night, her phone is dead, and she has no cash on her.

A off-duty train station worker ran after her. He was same guy who was sitting across her just before she disembarked. He has a proposal: $200 and he’ll track down her bag for her, by chasing down the train in his car.

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He’s an outright opportunist and his proposition is outrageous, but she doesn’t have a choice but to trust this stranger.

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She’s in for a ride. She got lucky, and got more than she bargained for.

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‘The Worst’ was in the official selection at the Palm Springs International Shorts Festival and the Montclair Film Festival.

More about Larry here.

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