Love Should Be Between Two People, But Race And Religion Had A Say


Kasih Mildred Chiu SS3 KRK

His mother-in-law hated him for not being Chinese; his own family resented him for marrying a non-Malay.

This inter-racial couple struggle with acceptance from their own families, while trying to eke out a living for themselves.

Emotionally drained from their continuous approval from their families, financially strained, Farhan and Ling try their best to hold their lives and love together.

Kasih Mildred Chiu SS2 KRK

They had each other, but staying strong and optimistic wasn’t easy.

Farhan’s mother-in-law treated him as a stranger, while his own family was very close to disowning him.

He’s a pained man with two houses, two families, but no place to call home.

Nothing he did was enough.

Kasih Mildred Chiu SS4 KRK

Here’s how they finally found their way home, to each other.

Watch ‘Kasih’ by Mildred Chia (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Kasih’ is part of our Shoot From The Heart channel on Viddsee.

Mildred made this film based on a true story written by Chermin Teo, who based it on the biological life of her aunt who had a Malay husband.

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