The Dark Figure She Drew Was Real. It Also Had A Familiar Touch.



Ever since her mother passed away, Marian has been living with a dark shadow hanging over her.


Life with her aunt was a living nightmare, subjected to the mercurial moods of the only family member she had left.


On this particular day, her aunt was especially brutal. The hurled abuse was shocking but not as cutting as the broken vase Marian was stabbed with.


As the little girl’s blood and tears flowed, something beneath the bed grew.

The dark shadow she drew turned out to be real.


It also had a familiar touch.

A warm protective bloody touch.

Watch ‘Marian’ by Brian Patrick Lim (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘Marian’ was screened at the 2017 ScreamFest Horror Film Festival and 2017 Freak Show Horror Film Festival. It is also part of our Viddsee Juree Awards Philippines 2017 channel. Learn more about Pinoy films here.

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