Would Marriage Be Less Risky If It’s Only Legal Contract?


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Is a one-year marriage contract worthwhile? What about 100 years?

In this parallel universe, marriage is not a lifetime commitment. It’s a pragmatic, and contractual commitment that one can sign on or renew for any duration.

That means there are no divorces.

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One of his most unique clients, however, is an elderly couple who renew their contracts for very short terms.

Their reasons are unconventional. One day even he is surprised to find out they want to renew for to 100 years, well beyond their lives on earth.

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He learns that with the right person, love is a risk worth taking this lifetime.

And the next.

Watch ‘100 Years’ by David Tsui (Hong Kong) on Viddsee BUZZ:

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David is a renown commercial director who has made a mark for his heartwarming stories. He’s the brains behind the most memorable Solvil et Titus commercials since 1988.

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