A Married Woman’s Unfulfilled Desires Is Viddsee Shortee Feb 2018



Claire was many things but a fulfilled woman.

As a young mother, she found herself running a household with little input from her husband.


As a wife, her needs were scoffed at, cast aside thoughtlessly by her overbearing partner.


Shy glances and skittish smiles hid her dissatisfaction, restrained by the vow she made on her marriage day to honour her union.

It was only in dark alleys that her frustrations and pent-up urges found a release.


For fleeting moments, she is whole.

Not just an obedient wife or a dedicated mother, but unfettered woman again.


Watch ‘Vow Of Silence’ by Anna Isabelle Matutina (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Director/Writer/Executive Producer/Editor: Anna Isabelle Matutina
Assistant Director: Michelle Ngu
Cast: Mercedes Cabral (Claire), Paolo Rodriguez (Don), Luigi Alvaro Latutina (Tenten), Joaquin MIstral Haravata (Levy), Rose Galvez (Len), Criselda Sto. Domingo (Cris)
Director of Photography: Adjani Arumpac
Art director: Richard Legaspi & Timothy Harn
Production Design: Chantel Garcia
Sound: Jedd Dumaguina
Music: Teresa Barrozo

‘Vow Of Silence’ was the most-watched, most-loved short film last month, and it’s our February Viddsee Shortee! For an inside look into the film, read the notes from the director.

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